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Desktop Security

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remove Desktop Security 2010
« เมื่อ: 02 กุมภาพันธ์ 2553, 15:37:46 น. »
Desktop Security 2010 is an antivirus program of a new generation which integrated all the benefits of leading software antivirus products, and certainly excluded all their defects. Lots of people keep important and valuable information on their computers. These pieces of data can be business reports, contracts with clients or photos taken during unforgettable vacations of your family by the sea. All this information is very valuable for you and is under threat of computer virus infection. That is why it is especially important to have a stable protection of your digital information in our modern computerized world.
Master components of our program are developed to prevent virus intrusion from network, internet and different data storage devices to your computer and also to cure infected information.
1. My friend has been working in a computer service center for several years already, and so he advised me to buy this antivirus program. Guys in the service center where he works tested all most popular anti-viruses and chose Desktop Security 2010 because they estimated the real good quality of it. Now I use it, too.
2. Yes, it is really good and has no messes. My flash drive which I carry to the university and bring back to my home computer is regularly infected with viruses - but Desktop Security 2010 detects viruses easily and kills them. It works fine.
3. Most important thing for me is that when my pc under Windows XP got infected, Desktop Security 2010 cured system files. In comparison Kaspersky antivirus didn't cure them, but just picked them for a while, and after its manipulations the operation system didn't start. I was very glad to find Desktop Security 2010. I think it will become very popular soon.
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