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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: New announcement: SimplePortal 2.3.3 released!  (อ่าน 7244 ครั้ง)

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New announcement: SimplePortal 2.3.3 released!
« เมื่อ: 06 พฤศจิกายน 2553, 00:21:41 น. »
Close on the heels of the latest SMF RC, the SimplePortal Team is delighted to bring you the release of SimplePortal 2.3.3. This release includes many fixes for bugs found in the 2.3.2 version and most importantly, full SMF 2.0 RC4 compatibility.

We urge all users to upgrade to SimplePortal 2.3.3 as soon as possible to take advantage of the bug fixes. If you are currently running SMF 2.0 RC3 and SP 2.3.2, we strongly encourage you to upgrade both to the latest version to have the latest security features and bugfixes. A summary of the fixes and features is as follows:

Some of the more important fixes:
Admin permission boxes missing "Check all" checkbox. Reported by ~Alex~
BoardNews block constructPageIndex created invalid url. Reported by grafitus.
Fatal error editing blocks when portal is disabled. Reported by AngelinaBelle
Page permissions don't allow for admin only permissions. Reported by Garoun.
BoardNews block and Articles have an ellipsis even when their length is not limited. Reported by Garoun.
Login block doesn't hash password. Reported by ccbtimewiz.

A full list of bugfixes and changes for 2.3.3 can be found in the changelog.txt file within the SimplePortal package.

For users that are currently running SimplePortal 2.3, 2.3.1 or 2.3.2; you can upgrade to 2.3.3 using the SimplePortal 2.3.3 installation package.

If you are running an older version, you can upgrade by following these three steps. You shouldn't lose any data, but for safety, you should always back up before modifying your forum.
Uninstall SimplePortal.
Download SimplePortal 2.3.3.
Install SimplePortal 2.3.3, and you are ready to go!

If you are running SMF 2 RC3 and want to upgrade to SMF 2 RC4, then you will need to reinstall SimplePortal after you perform the upgrade.

Finally, please do not use this topic for any support requests. You will get a much more prompt response by posting in Install and Upgrade board.

Thanks for all your support, and keep those bug reports and feature requests coming!
-The SimplePortal Team

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You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The SimplePortal Team.

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Re: New announcement: SimplePortal 2.3.3 released!
« ตอบกลับ #1 เมื่อ: 06 พฤศจิกายน 2553, 03:20:24 น. »
ผมเพิ่งอัพเสร็จเมื่อกี้เองครับ ว่าจะลองเหมือนกัน  RC4

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