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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: SMF 2.0.7 Released  (อ่าน 3345 ครั้ง)

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SMF 2.0.7 Released
« เมื่อ: 29 มกราคม 2557, 20:37:08 น. »
UPDATE: Downloads are available again :)

Dear users,

Simple Machines Forum has released an new patch to the 2.0.x release line. This brings our released version to SMF 2.0.7.

Unlike previous patches, this is a bug fix release, not a security release. This does not detract from the importance of installing this release. Although a number of other defects have been remedied, the primary update of this patch brings full compatibility for PHP 5.5, which is becoming a more common problem, as hosts are now beginning more widespread adoption.

Users of the 1.1.x versions should be aware that some of the issues which are fixed in 2.0.7 are still present in 1.1.x. Given some of the issues facing PHP applications on PHP 5.5+, providing full support for 1.1.x will not be entirely possible, as some of the features being deprecated from the standard PHP installation cannot be replaced either manually or in a patch in the 1.1.x line.  In any case, 2.1 is in heavy development - once 2.1 is declared stable, 1.1 will be completely unsupported. As such, we would encourage you to consider migrating to the 2.0.x release line - we will offer what support we can to those preparing to upgrade.

If you are running version 2.0.6, you can update your forum to version 2.0.7 using the package manager. As usual, you should see the upgrade notification in the Admin panel and in the package manager, which will allow you to download and install the patch seamlessly.  If you don't see the notification about the update, please run the scheduled task "Fetch Simple Machines files".  You can also download the patch for 2.0.7 from the customize site by downloading the : smf_patch_2.0.7.zip patch file, and then installing it from the package manager, like any other mod package.

If you use older versions of SMF, you can upgrade by using the full upgrade archive for version 2.0.7 from the downloads page. Be aware that using this upgrade method will require you to reinstall your mods with ones designed for the 2.0.x line

You can also view the change log for the latest release, as usual, on the downloads page.

If you are having problems downloading the patch from the admin panel, you can download the package from the upgrade patches page and install it like a mod, as instructed above.

Please refer to the Online Manual for more details about:
* upgrading
* patching

Please do not use this topic for support requests.  You will receive a much quicker and better response by posting in the relevant support board!

Thank you for using SMF! :)

Simple Machines Forum

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