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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: T-Shirt Design Kit - Complete package โปรแกรมออกแบบลายโลโก้ลงบนเสื้อเชิต  (อ่าน 99 ครั้ง)

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Product Information

Create custom T-shirts to advertise your business, or design T-shirtsfor family reunions, birthdays, office parties, sports clubs, and more!Choose from 100 pre-designed templates, or create your own! Customizeyour design with clip art from the 5,000 image collection included.Select from twenty True Type fonts to express yourself.
Just print your design on T-Shirt Transfer Paper (available at mosthobby shops and office supply stores), and then iron it onto a T-Shirtand you’ve got a custom shirt just like that!
The T-Shirt Design Kit includes the following tools: Design Studio:Illustration and drawing tool for creating your own T-Shirt designs.Browser+: A graphics browser for organizing and viewing the 5,000images that come with T-Shirt Design Kit.


* Choose from 100 pre-designed templates
* Create your own
* Customize your design with clip art from the 5,000 images on CD
* Select from 20 TrueType fonts


Design Studio contains many tools and options to help you create images:

* Menu bar: Contains all available commands, such as Open, Close, andHelp. It also enables you to change Line and Fill options on theselected tool in the Tool Palette.
* Tool Palette: Tools enable you to Select objects, Type Text, Draw Shapes, Draw Lines, Transform, and Magnify images.
* Toolbar: Contains the most commonly used commands, such as Undo, Preview, Copy, and Paste.
* Color Palette: Enables you to select many different colors with which to work.
* Once you have created the image, simply click File and then Print to print the image on your T-Shirt Transfer Paper.


T-Shirt Design Kit also included Page Express Lite FREE! This is afull-featured drawing program that lets you create original T-Shirtdesigns or virtually any type of design work you can imagine. Justprint your design on T-Shirt transfer paper and then iron it onto aT-Shirt and you've got a custom shirt just like that!


* Sport teams
* Family reunions
* Birthday parties
* Office parties
* and more!


* Windows 3.1/95/98/Me
* 486 or higher PC
* 8MB of RAM
* 10MB free hard disk space
* CD-ROM drive
* SVGA graphics
* Mouse
* Ink Jet Printer.

Download :

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